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Welcome to Diego’s Kitchen!

Hi there,

Caramel and Chocolate cake

Caramel and Chocolate cake

My name is Diego. I was born in Italy 30 years ago and I currently live in UK with my partner Eugenio, he’s Italian as well. We moved in the UK a couple of years ago looking for a job trying to escape the increasing Italian economic crisis. Although I miss my family and friends  every single moment, I’m very thankful to this country for the new opportunity of life that has gave me.
I’ve been working for telephone companies, magazines, selling, upselling, I work as assistant manager in a well know coffee company store, but my passion is cooking!! I work an average of 40 hours a week, but every time I have got 5 spare minutes I turn my oven on and I start thinking of new and tasty recipes.
Since I was 11 I had to cook for my self because my mum use to work full time. She used to cook for me, but one day I told her “Can I cook for my self tomorrow?”. From that day on I started to experiment with food. Risotti, pasta, cakes, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, everything was exciting everything was so easy for me.
In 2011 I started an home business of cakes making. I started providing  friends and relatives with cookies, cupcakes, decorated cakes. The world of mouth is been that good that I started receiving order from all over the Kent.
A few days ago, inspired from a lovely American food blogger that has achieved to quit her full time job to dedicate her life to her food blog, I decided to open my kitchen to the web to share all my recipes!

I can’t wait to get in touch with the readers and meet new people that share my same passion… the food!
Do you want the recipe in the picture? Keep following the blog and I’ll post it soon!

So everyone, Welcome to Diego’s Kitchen!!!


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