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Farfalle salmon and cream

Farfalle panna and salmon

Hello blog!

I had a few days off. My brother came to visit me with his wife and my 6 months old nephew. It’s been lovely to have the  table full of nice food  shared with the people I love most.
Of course after my holidays at work I had loads to catch up at work! But here we go again.
Today recipe is the one I made the first evening with my reunited family!

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 500 gr of farfalle pasta
  • 200 gr of double thick fresh cream
  • 300 gr of fresh salmon filet
  • half onion
  • 3 spoons of butter
  • salt and pepper as needed

Start taking the skin off your salmon. I hate doing it, that’s when my partner comes handy! Dice it in big pieces and put aside.
Put your pasta pan filled up with water on the fire and while you wait for it to boil follow the next steps.
Chop your onion finely ...

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Grams to cups to ounces

In this days I’ve been asked quite a few times the same questions about measuring conversion from and to cups, grams, ounces!
I just realise that not only Italian and English people eat different food and speak different languages, but also have different ways to weight food!
I wrote down here What I’ve been using in this years to convert pretty much everything! You just need to applicate this conversions to your recipes!


How many grams do I need for a cup of:

Butter 226 Gr

Flour 128 Gr

Sugar 200 Gr

Honey 240 Gr

Milk 240 Gr

How much a ounce Weight in Grams:

1 = 30 Gr
3 = 90 Gr
4 = 120 Gr
8 = 225 Gr
10 = 285 Gr
12 = 360 Gr
16 = 450 Gr

Have fun


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Cake lovers in London?!

I’ve just been in a very very nice shop in London for cake supplies!
If you ever need anything to bake your cake don’t miss this shop!!

20140123-044343 pm.jpg

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