Super easy – Super cool Meringues

MeringuesFor the people who know me they know that I die for meringues! They are soft, so sweet… I could eat 100 of them in just minutes. Unfortunately they are very hard to cook, and most of the times for they come up as a disaster.
The other day there was this picture on Facebook of a friend of mine that was making meringues with her partner. Maybe was the love and the passion they used, but the output was very nice and I’ve asked her for the recipe.

This recipe is incredibly easy, but I suggest you use a kitchen aid or similar to work the eggs or you won’t have a great result.

  • 100gr egg’s whites
  • 100 gr caster sugar
  • 100 gr of icing sugar

I suggest you weight all the ingredients before you start and put them in small bowls to make it easier when you need them.
Start beating the eggs in your kitchen aid, I always use a pinch of salt, they make the eggs mount quicker. Having said that the all process of mounting the eggs will take you about 15 minutes. In this period of time add the caster sugar at small doses at the time. At the end you’re looking for really firm eggs white.
Sift the icing sugar on top of your eggs and with a spatula, with very slow movement from the top to the bottom fold it in. Once you can see anymore icing sugar put it in a sac a poche and pipe it in very small amounts on trays covered in baking paper.

Cooking meringues is the most hard part. You will need to heat the oven at 140 degrees and leave the door slightly open while you cook the meringues, you can use a wooden spatula to keep it open. They will take about 40 minutes to cook depending on different factors, however don’t let them turn brown or you will lose the flavour.

Let them cook to get even firmer and enjoy with chocolate (a lot!)

Buon appetito!

One thought on “Super easy – Super cool Meringues

  • If it is smooth, all the sugar has dissolved. Keep a close eye on the mixture and stop beating as soon as it reaches this stage. If the mixture is overbeaten, the meringues will collapse during cooking and beads of sugar will form on their surface. Use teaspoons to spoon the mixture onto the lined trays to form the meringues. As a guide, each meringue will be about 2 level tablespoon measures of mixture.

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