The Tiramisu’ is a classic italian dessert. It letteraly means “cheer me up” and we can associate it to the high levels of energy you get from the eggs, the chocolate and the coffee with witch it is made.

It is a layers cake and alternate a layer of Savoiardi, lady fingers, soaked in coffee and a layer of a nice cream made with eggs sugar and mascarpone cheese. Absolutely gorgeous!

For the recipe you will need:

  • 6 eggs
  • 120 gr of sugar + 2 tablespoon to add to your coffee
  • 500 gr of mascarpone cheese
  • 400 gr of savoiardi (you can bake your own ones HERE or you can buy lady fingers at supermarket!)
  • Coffee as much as you need for the savoiardi (you need espresso shots, I understand that for some people is hard to make espresso shots at home so you can do a French press, but don’t tell any Italian that you’ve done it for a tiramisu)
  • Cocoa powder to sprinkle on top
Brew your coffee, add the sugar and allow it to cool.
Separate the white from your eggs and whip them to a very hard peek. Now beat the yolks with the sugar until they become light in color and fluffy. Now add the mascarpone cheese to it and keep whisking until is incorporated.
It’s time now to add your eggs white mixing with a wooden spoon from the bottom to the top very slowly, when you have no more lumps the cream is ready!
Now you need a serving tray big enough to contain the 400 gr of savoiardi divided at least in 2 layers.

You need to dip your savoiardi in the coffee just for a few seconds, one at the time, and place them on the tray one close to another until you finish the layer. Then a layer of cream. Keep alternate all the way to the top. Tiramisu

Sprinkle the surface with the cocoa powder.
Let your tiramisu’ set in the fridge for at least 6 hours and enjoy with you love, they’ll love you more!
Buon appetito

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