Spaghetti meatball

Spaghetti meatball
Spaghetti meatball
Spaghetti meatball

Just yesterday I’ve shown you how to cook those beautiful Meatballs, today we’ll see how to have a great main course using the tasty tomatoes that have been cooking with your meatballs. Let’s the sunday begin!

For 4 people you need:

  • Meatballs in sauce (recipe here)
  • 500 gr of nice Spaghetti
  • a sprinkle of parmesan


While your meatballs are finishing cooking put a pasta pan on a high fire and wait for it to boil, when it does add a handful of salt and your spaghetti. Wait for the time on the packaging and drain your pasta al dente!
Pur over the drained pasta the sauce of the meatballs and stir until nice and colourful. Divide it for 4 plates and add your meatballs on top.

It will sure look delicious. If you want you can add a sprinkle of parmesan.

Buon appetito


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