Grams to cups to ounces

In this days I’ve been asked quite a few times the same questions about measuring conversion from and to cups, grams, ounces!
I just realise that not only Italian and English people eat different food and speak different languages, but also have different ways to weight food!
I wrote down here What I’ve been using in this years to convert pretty much everything! You just need to applicate this conversions to your recipes!


How many grams do I need for a cup of:

Butter 226 Gr

Flour 128 Gr

Sugar 200 Gr

Honey 240 Gr

Milk 240 Gr

How much a ounce Weight in Grams:

1 = 30 Gr
3 = 90 Gr
4 = 120 Gr
8 = 225 Gr
10 = 285 Gr
12 = 360 Gr
16 = 450 Gr

Have fun


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